in the beginning, there was nothing but a few sparks of energy.

this energy bundled together and grew, becoming greater and greater. each string of the formless being fuelled each other, becoming close to infinite in its power.

this formless being could not take the pressure of infinity. it ripped chunks from itself, throwing energy to the void it had come from. these joined together to form the basis of the universe: electrons, protons, neutrons, scattered around.

what was left of the being was still too much. it split into three, becoming the first gods of this realm.

the first castaway formed into a lionlike bird, with hollow eyes and a permanently-shut beak. he formed paws which could crush galaxies and a long, sweeping tail, able to scatter cosmic dust for light years.

the second formed into a long, snake-like possum. tar-like in consistency, and covered in spines, a well-protected beast. nimble talons aided this creature, making him able to craft the most intricate of designs.

the final brother balanced the two. he formed a mantis-like head and feathers sprouting from his arms, allowing him to fly quickly through space. his eyes were sharp, letting him observe the first two castaways with ease.

these three beings were satisfied with their new forms.

in this sea of energy, however, there was little for these brothers to do.

they soon realised their power allowed them to manipulate the electrons littered around them. they formed atoms, creating elements, compounds, gases, minerals.

these formed the building blocks for their next creations.

the first brother decided he loved the energy of the hot gases they had created. he formed suns and stars, lighting up the void that they had come from.

the second brother preferred the minerals and less energetic elements. he formed rocks, which became the moons, asteroids, comets, rocky planets.

the third brother watched in curiosity, observing the other two.
something felt missing.

he took one of the rocky planets and smoothed it over with water, moved stars around the space to heat the water. the brothers watched in suprise as he rose land out of the water, forming volcanoes, mountains, islands.

his final touch was to add a spark of energy which would, eventually, form life.

and with this, he rested, letting his two brother observe the life he had made.

billions of years later, animal society has grown. this humble rock from which they had come from was bustling with complex life, sentient creatures now litter its landforms. capable of forming societies, language, culture.

this planet came to be known by its inhabitents as planet vuliri.
but to these creatures, all that really meant was that it was 'home'.