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hello and welcome to my (insect-infested) website! here i dump everything that i want to.

there's information about the person i am, and things about bugs too. but also some other various content, south park, girls kpop, art, some other less fun content. i have an eclectic mix! though for the most part, my site's name describes this space of mine.

i generally just update when i'm in the mood, so bear with me if i sometimes take a while to update!


peppered moth


05/12/18 - peppered moth

in honor of my upcoming ecology exam, here's a relevant fella. these guys evolved to camouflage against lichen on rocks, normally sporting a white mottled look. however, a melanistic (black) mutation exists. this variation got significantly more common due to soot in the cities causing walls and trees to go black. as such, they could camouflage with soot. this is a rare and important example of natural selection at work!

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somnolescent spider